MEGAsync 4.7.1: Download the Latest Version for Windows, Mac and Linux (UPDATED 2024)

MEGAsync is one of the best applications developed by to easily synchronize files and folder between your computer and your Mega cloud account.

MEGAsync main image

So, when you upload a file or folder in your Mega cloud storage, it will be automatically stored in your local PC as well.

What is MEGAsync?

MEGAsync is the best way to have a backup of your data on your Mega cloud account.

When you have installed this Intuitive software application on your computer, you do not have to back up each file and folders manually to your cloud drive.

In addition to that, you have the option to synchronize more than one computer with your Mega Cloud storage.

This seamless way of backing up your data with MEGAsync desktop app will help you eliminate the risk of losing your valuable data.

In addition to that, you can securely access and work on your data both on the local computer and Mega account.

So that, you have the option to access and modify your data on different devices and different locations.

Further, you can get MEGAsync to synchronize data on different types of operating systems like Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome.

Also, this application works well with both 32bit and 64bit versions of the operating systems.

Moreover, you have various cloud-based synchronization options with your mega account.

So that, you can choose to synchronize the entire mega account and local computer as well as part of the mega account or which part of the files and folders on your computer.

Let’s say that you have deleted your files and you want to restore them back,

It is effortless with the MEGAsync desktop app because when you delete files on your Mega cloud account or local computer, this application puts them into a separate folder.

So, you can execute the restore option to replace those files back.

The free version of the MEGAsync application offers you 50GB Initially.

However, with the pro version, you can get from 200GB of cloud storage.

Some of the alternative applications to the MEGAsync desktop storage app would be Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud.

Software Package Information

Application NameMEGAsync
File Size33.2 Mb
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsWindows, Mac and Linux
Supported VersionWindows 7 and Above

Download MEGAsync


How to Download and Install MEGAsync?

MEGAsync download image

You have to have a Mega Cloud account in order to use the MEGAsync application.


Firstly, download the software application from this website.


Then , double click on the installer file to begin the installation process and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation

megasync install screen
installation in progress


After that, Sign up for a MEGAsync account

megasync login options
creating an account

You can follow the same procedure above to get MEGAsync on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

How to Use MEGAsync?

Open the application browse the folder or file that you want to Sync with MEGAsync.

Basically, that’s all you have to do. The tool will take care of the rest of the things.

More importantly, it will give you a shortcut option in the right-click navigation to add data for the cloud-based synchronization process.

So you can right-click on any file and select the “upload to MEGA” option to sync them.

Further, you can click on the navigation button on the taskbar to set your preferred settings in the tool.

The application runs in your PC’s background, and it will not disturb other activities that you will do on your computer.

Moreover, you can check the Upload / Download status of transferred files and folders, updates, pausing and suspending of transfers in progress, import links, Stream from MEGA, etc.

Also, the simplified design of the MEGAsync application makes it easy to navigate through the tool.

Moreover, you can view the files and folders that have recently been synced into the software.

How to setup Sync client?

full sync and selective sync rows in megasync application

During the installation process, you will be required to specify whether to sync all of your data or selective syncing.

Then you have to provide the destination directories or folders on your device.

Full Sync Procedure


Open MEGAsync and click on the gear icon.


Then click on the Full Sync path, and after that, click on the delete button


Now, you can select the specific folders that you want to sync with your Mega Cloud drive and your PC

Selective Sync Method


Go back to the Gerar icon and click on Settings / Preferences – Syncs


Then click on the “Add” in the sync tab


Now click on the right end of the local folder and mega folder lines that you want to sync to select the path.

Why is MEGAsync a Best cloud-based synchronization Tool?   

MEGAsync is a cross-platform application so that you can get it on various types of operating systems.

The user interface of the application is quite simple.

Therefore, anyone can use the MEGAsync tool without any complication to customize and optimize their cloud and local storage with any device.

We all know that we do not have time to keep track of every single piece of our data.

Also, there is a chance of losing our valuable data due to negligence or hardware failures.

So that, we might forget to backup them, and as a result, we will face the risk of losing our valuable data.

However, you can transfer that responsibility to the MEGAsync automated synchronization application and ensure your important files and folders’ security.

Also, it important to keep in mind that this application will run automatically on your computer once you turn on your PC.

So, the importing and exporting of files between cloud storage and local computer consumes internet data.

MEGAsync is not only for files and folders, but you can also even sync media files such as JPEG, MP4, PNG, and many more.

So it supports almost all types of file types.

Further, when you have stored your data on online cloud-based storage, you will always have a doubt in mind about the security and safety of your data.

So, the Mega cloud platform introduces several security barriers to ensure that your data are fully secured.

Some of those security measures are TLS and two-factor authentication.

The above methods add an additional layer of security for your Mega Account.

MEGAsync Features (Review)

Integrating multiple devices with the same Mega Cloud storage comes in handy when you have a team that works on different devices.

So that the end of the day, you will have a backup of all the data in your cloud storage that your team has worked on their local computer.

However, you will have to obtain permission from each device separately to sync them with MEGAsync.

Then you have the option to manage contacts, permissions, access, authorization, and many more with Mega’s cloud services through the web interface.

Further, this application offers a chat feature where you can use to message with your contacts.

In addition to that, these messages are real-time to secured with high-end encryption.

All your deleted files in both local PC and Cloud storage can be found in the trash folder.

Apart from that, you have the option to restore data in different versions.

So, it means that MEGAsync will not only keep the latest version as the backup; it will also keep several versions of backups on the same data set.

As a result, if you want to replace a previous version of a file or folder, you can get it through this app.

Further, you have the option to share the data in your Mega account with other parties as well.

So when you share files, you can encrypt them with a security key.

As a result, only the people who have to the security key, will have access to the shared data.

In addition to that, you can set an expiry date for the shared link as well.

You can use our contact form to contact us for any clarification regarding this application

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Megasync download limit?

Initially it gives you 50GB limit on the free version. however, it will be cut down to 15GB after some time.

How to Fix Megasync not syncing issue?

It may be due to the fact that your storage capacity has exceeded it limit or it could also be due to a problem of your internet connectivity

What is the official website? is the official website. this is a resource website for the users

Is Megasync safe?

Yes. Megasync is 100% safe to download and use

How to Uninstall Megasync desktop application?

In the your Windows PC, you will have to go to the control panel and then select “Uninstall programs”. so there you can select Megasync and uninstall it.

How to fix the Download canceling problem in Megasync?

This also may due to several issues. one of the primary problem this is that your free data quota has exceeded or internet connectivity problem

Can I get the Megasync app on android devices?

Yes, you can get it

How to use Megasync Selective sync feature?

Once you open the application you will see a separate column for selective sync and there you can select the specific folders

How to Fix Megasync slow upload and download issue?

Check the speed of your internet connectivity, because it requires fast connection for a fast download

How to fix Megasync stuck login in and stuck on starting?

This also known as stuck in opening and retrying errors in Megasync. you may try to re-install the application and check the data quota of your mega account.

How to recover the Megasync forgot password?

you can recover your password to your email account

How to download the Megasync setup file?

You can download the executable (.exe) file from this website

Why has the Megasync free transfer quota exceeded?

When you data limit exceeded you may consider for subscribing Mega pro account to get more storage

How to fix Megasync failed write error?

It occurs mostly when you create multiple syncs on the same folders. So make sure that you avoid such situations

What is Megasync fetching file list?

These are the selected files that you have automated for backing up with your Megasync application